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December 4, 2004

Internal memo: Question of attitude

Paul Wells, the back page editorialist of Maclean's, the Kanuckistani magazine famous for its cover of "Canada to Dubya: Fuck You" or something like that (Anyhoo, not the kind of thing most people would want to carry through US customs) has an article in which he discusses a reverse brain drain, whereby in a confirmation that our plan is working, Yanks are heading North.

Wells' article is a welcome change from some of the other slop going around. Things like CanadianAlternative.com and even Cool.ca are a little too candy apple, feel-good for our taste. We don't need something about Cool Canadians. What we need is the Great White North equivalent of "puppets who kill".

As the disastrous results of the 2 World Wars and the unrequited success (minus a land war in Asia or two) of the Cold War show, appeasement is a losing argument, while containment and a continuous assault on the opponent's hearts and minds are the only sure path to success. It is only by hammering on those "'dumb as a post' residents of the south" and the gun nuts in Colorado that they will quote unquote get it.

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