Kavalcade of fun (I)

Three great reasons to move to Kanuckistan:

1) The Sopranos shown on over-the-air broadcast network (not $%#*! cable) station CTV (Canuckistan Television) featuring full frontal nudity, including Tony getting his hole, and all those big words God doesn’t want you to hear because they corrupt the soul

2) Team America World Police (America, Fuck yeah!) shown in theaters, featuring the puppet sex scene that was censored by Jack Valenti’s MPAA to preserve American hearts and minds.

3) A new federally approved program to promote immigration of strippers, which has enabled hundreds of poor but hot, hard-bodied Romanian girls to strut their stuff all over Kanuckistan without fear of striking miners or mentally stunted orphans getting in their way, ensuring an adequate supply of lap dances will be available to all hard-working Kanuckistanis that need them. (No news yet on a program designed to teach said strippers the artistic merits of a ping pong ball.)


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